Behind the Meme
Vital statistics
Title Behind the Meme
Gender Male
Race White Fuck
Faction The Normies
Health 9999999999999
Level Infinite
Status Dead
Location Hell


Behind The Meme is a YouTube webseries that explains the origins of and offers analysis on trending memes. Since its launch in August 2016, the series has grown into a popular meme explainer on the video-sharing platform, garnering over 600,000 subscribers and 50 million channel views within the first six months. Despite its active presence on YouTube, the series has been the target of derision in certain meme communities due to its tone, unoriginal content, and the perception that he kills memes after he reviews them by making them accessible to normies.

Online History

Behind the Meme's YouTube channel launched on August 12th, 2016.[1] The channel is run by Kyle Bryce. On his channel, he lists a California PO Box. His first video was uploaded on August 13th, explaining Dicks Out For Harambe (shown below).


Anthony Fantano Parody

On November 12th, 2016, thatistheplan, the meme-explainer channel of Anthony Fantano, released a video on Rickrolling parodying the style of Behind The Meme. Fantano criticizes Behind the Meme's scripts by reading the entry in broken english. He also says the channel talks down to its audience like its full of 6 year olds and accuses the channel of regurgitating information on Know Your Meme.

The channel is particularly loathed on meme-focused subreddits such as /r/dankmemes and /r/MemeEconomy. For example, on March 8th, 2017, an image of a Behind The Meme comments section asking the channel to review Expanding Brain caused a stir in both subreddits. In /r/dankmemes, the screenshot was posted with the title, "Behind the meme, if you're out there, on Reddit, I'm begging you, don't do this to us. This meme is only a boy, it has so much to live for"