Little Beach Party is the thirteenth and final episode of the first season of Zoey 101.


Zoey is extremely stressed out because she had exams and her friends kept on asking her for help; Nicole needed help with History, Michael needed help with the Quadratic Formula, Quinn needed help with her French, Logan needed help with his English exam, and Dustin needed help with Geometry. Then, Chase arrives and asks if she could help with the dominant/recessive gene. Zoey helps. Then, a guy asks Zoey if she could help him with his exam, but Zoey gets extremely annoyed. Chase tells Zoey that exams were over the next morning and that they would get to go to a party at Mystic Beach. The next morning, when exams end, Quinn comes in and has everyone smell a chemical she accidentally made that smells exactly like coconut. But then, the chemical makes everyone fall asleep. Michael wakes up when someone accidentally calls him, but then he sees the time. It was 11:46, fourteen minutes before the last bus to Mystic Beach left. Everyone leaves, except Dustin, because he was still sleeping. The gang ends up being too late. Logan suggests calling a taxi, but Mystic Beach was 57 miles from PCA and it would cost too much. However, Logan had his credit card and a $15,000 monthly allowance. They go to the beach, but the beach was deserted, even though everyone left before them. Then, Dustin wakes up. Dustin tells them that Mystic Beach was 57 miles south of PCA and Logan had told their cab driver to go 57 miles north of PCA. They try to call someone, but they don't have any service.

The gang begins walking and trying to find a place with service. They begin to look around, and all they found was an inner tube, a rope, an old fishing pole, and some sand. Zoey ends up deciding to have as much fun on this beach as they would at Mystic Beach. They play limbo with the fishing pole, build sand castles, play tug-a-war with the rope, and ride on the inner tube. However, a wave knocks off Dustin's bathing suit and he has to stay in the water. Then, Quinn gets an idea: if she combines the circuits for Michael's laptop and Chase's phone, she can probably triple the cell phone's range so that they can make a phone call. Zoey, Chase, and Logan try to catch a fish, and Nicole, Michael, and Dana try to make a fire. Once they pile the logs, they realize that they can't start a fire with no matches and no lighters. Quinn arrives and helps them; she borrows Logan's mirror, holds the mirror up to her son, and points her glasses to the logs and it starts a fire. They use the fire to cook a fish they caught and eat the fish. Quinn finishes and calls Mr. Bender. He arrives with a pickup truck and a towel for Dustin. They climb in. And when they are back at PCA, Mr. Bender finds that the gang is asleep. He then sees Quinn's chemical and sniffs it. He ends up falling asleep, too.