T-Bone is a 6 year old male yellow bulldog with a large appetite. He likes to pretend he is Super T-Bone, a caped hero. He is best friend. His human is Sherriff Lewis. T-Bone is yellow in color with orange spots over his back. Macsometimes takes T-Bone seriously. Once in the episode "The Great Race" he even mentioned T-Bone being the slowest dog on the island. His human is Sheriff Lewis. Voiced by Kel Mitchell. 


T-Bone is sensitive to things. In the episode "The Ears Have It", It is revealed that T-Bone is scared of loud noises and he wore earmuffs when he went to see the fireworks. He is cowardly and cautious. T-Bone was also scared of the dark but when he had to get Jetta's watch for under the house he got over it and he wasn't afraid anymore. T-Bone loves eating and sometimes feels overconfident. T-Bone has a tag in Clifford's Really Big Movie. In Clifford's Puppy Days he choose to sit out of the TV series along with Cleo,KC and Mac he can be still seen as a cameo in the opening theme otherwise he makes no other appearances in the TV series